Company | Fleta, s.a.

Fleta S.A.

We are a consolidated Company with a long career dedicated to the manufacture of plastics

We are a company specialized in plastic injection and transformation, we market our products nationally and internationally, with 100% Spanish capital and 100% national production.

After a long career offering our products we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading companies. Our company is specialized in offering solutions and equipment to large stores, markets, specialized stores, retail stores and the food industry in general. Our experience and professionalism allow us to offer with all guarantees, our products nationally and internationally.
The quality of the service is guaranteed by a modern technology that ensures the quality of the product, from its manufacture to its delivery. But, above all, a professional team with a personalized attention, take good care that all this process gets fulfilled. Our commitment is to offer our products with an optimal value for money. At Plásticos Fleta, you will find a dynamic and continuously evolving company.